Charlene Josannie Peterson now 24 years old was a devoted Christian, but she lost everything that meant anything to her. Her husband died in a plane crash coming back from visiting his parents in Seattle Washington five years ago. Her mom, dad, and baby were in a fatal car accident on a Friday night one month after her husband died in the plane crash. A drunk driver hit them head on and no one survived.

She was raised in a Christian home. She attended church every week and deeply believed in God. However, when everything was taken away from her she completely went crazy.

The only person left in her life that she was close to was her best friend Susan. Susan took her in and cared for her the best she could. However, over the years Charlene has attempted suicide several times and Susan is doing all she can just to keep Charlene alive. Can prayer, faith, a doctor and a good friend bring Charlene back or will her sanity be lost forever?